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Privacy Notice

Our commitment to privacy
Your trust and privacy is our highest priority. In, we are committed to protecting your privacy as a customer and to guarantee respect for you, the information you provide. observed with regard to the Data Protection Act in 1998, we are in full compliance with the 2000 regulations and 2003, in the code included using personal data consumer protection Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations ( distance selling).

This means that you
We will never marketing communications to you without your consent, we will be sure not to use your information to other companies unless you give us permission.

You are free to unsubscribe at any time, so if you do not want to hear from us, we will contact you to stop. The security of your personal information is most important to us, we will not store your data over time is reasonable.

When ordering or registering on this website, you are prompted for your email address. This is for your convenience so we can e-mail the registration and confirmation of your order updates and keep e-mail update.

If you do not want any future proposal by e-mail to receive us, please visit the My Account section, click the link "Change communication options", then check the box. We promise we will not ever share your information with third parties.

Internet Security
The information on the site data maximum sensitivity. The data is encrypted using advanced technology and is transmitted by up secure connection (SSL). Each account information read only authorized computers.